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Bob and his partner, Mick Ukleja, just finished a new book,The Ethics Challenge: Strengthening Your Integrity in a Greedy World.  Read more about it by clicking the link above.

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Praise for Bob Stone's
Lessons in Changing America's Military and Govenment

From Academia

 A handy how-to handbook about what managers can do to move the mountain that is the government. Students and scholars alike will find it a provocative guide for transforming theory into results."
— D
onald F. Kettl, Fels Institute of Government, University of Pennsylvania

 “What it’s really like to be a civil servant and to try and create change in the bureaucracy. It is a wonderful read and filled with important lessons for anyone in any big organization.”
Elaine Kamarck, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

"Stone's book demonstrates that bureaucracies are not immovable and that with persistence and good humor a public servant can make a real difference to improve our government and our democratic society. Several of my students reconsidered their career paths after reading it."
—Catherine Burke, University of Southern California

“My students are enjoying this book so much I have decided to use it again next semester.”
Veronica Cruz, SUNY-Albany

" Stone’s passion for innovation and positive change in government and his courageous and caring leadership are evident throughout the book. My students raved about this book!”
Gary S. Marshall, University of Nebraska, Omaha

“I think all his wonderful stories will make the theory more meaningful.”
Jon Tomkins, University of Montana

From Government

"Why does a chemical engineer embedded in the Pentagon wage guerrilla warfare against bureaucracy? How does he do it? Read this candid, engaging, and funny account to understand—and to join the ranks."

Richard Danzig, former Secretary of the Navy

"Bob Stone's insights and efforts at large scale government reform are both entertaining and instructive for all who care about these important subjects."
Steven Goldsmith, Republican former mayor of Indianapolis

"Bob Stone has been there and done that.  Yet he came away from 30 years of federal service not as a cynical ex-bureaucrat, but as an idealist, full of ideas for reinventing government, some of which he put in to practice in the Clinton-Gore White House, and the rest of which he put into this book."
James Pinkerton, former Deputy Assistant for Policy Planning to President George H. W. Bush, now a columnist for Newsday

From Business

“This may be the best text ever on large-scale organization change. Anywhere”.
Tom Peters, the world’s most innovative management guru and co-author of In Search of Excellence

“Bob Stone broke new ground in managing big change. This valuable book captures what Bob learned.”
Jim Champy, co-author of Reengineering the Corporation and Chairman of Perot Systems Consulting Practice

Not to be missed by anyone who's interested in making a difference in any organization, large or small, public or private. Be prepared to laugh and then scribble furiously in the margins.

James Belasco, best selling author of Flight of the Buffalo and other management books

“A ‘must read,’ hard to put down. The lessons Bob learned can be applied almost anywhere.  A refreshing, instructive addition that will be of value to those who simply cannot live with the status quo.”

— David Luther, Past Senior Vice President, Corning Incorporated, and Past Chairman of the American Society for Quality

“Bob Stone teaches us all a series of lessons that are applicable to business as well as government.  Confessions is powerful in a simple, clear, and entertaining way.  You will enjoy it, but far more important, you and your customers will benefit from the book.”
Phil Odeen, Chairman of TRW and deputy national security advisor in Nixon/Ford White House

“Should help anyone trying to transform public or private organizations.”
Vaughn Beals, Chairman Emeritus of Harley Davidson

From the Military

"Great concepts here for supervisors everywhere -- in governments, in the military, and in the business world. Read and heed.  You'll be happy you did."
General Bill Creech, author of The Five Pillars of TQM

“I highly recommend this work to officers, government civilians and academics who want to expand their understanding of the military and the government.”

General Ron Fogleman, former Air Force Chief of Staff

"No one I know understands the issues of transforming the military better than he does.  If you are a military professional who truly cares about troops, then this book is especially for you."
General Dennis Reimer, former Army Chief of Staff

“A must read for all who care about reform of government.”
Admiral Bill Owens, former Vice Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, now CEO and Chairman of AEA Holdings Asia

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