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Bob and his partner, Mick Ukleja, just finished a new book,The Ethics Challenge: Strengthening Your Integrity in a Greedy World.  Read more about it by clicking the link above.

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Creating an Ethics-Driven Organization
You can't create an ethical organization overnight, but you can start overnight, and here’s how. 

A Wallet- Sized Code of Ethics
Here’s a statement of principles that people can read, understand, and remember. You’re welcome to use it or amend it.

What’s Fair?
Everybody needs special treatment sometimes, and fairness allows—even demands—that they get it when they need it. Managing ethically, by the Golden Rule, demands it.

Go Ahead, Break a Rule
Sometimes you can’t get the job done without breaking a rule. Here’s a way to think through whether to do it. 

How Would It Look in the Paper?
"How would it look in the paper?" is a good question to ask before making a decision, but a much better test of the ethics of a hypothetical action is "Can I explain it to my mother?”

Lies and White Lies
Some lies are permissible “white lies” but some apparently permissible white lies are hurtful and unethical. How to decide which is which.

The ABCs of Leadership
Great leadership has just three easy to remember elements: authenticity, buoyancy, and conviction.

 Readiness to Do Right (with Mick Ukleja)
We don’t always do what we know to be the right thing. High-impact ethical leaders do six things to strengthen their own ethical behavior and that of the people around them.

How High Is Your ELQ?
If you want to practice ethical leadership, it's not enough to be ethical.  You have to teach it.  Here's how.

Ethics of The Magnificent Seven
The Magnificent Seven  teaches us the distinction between law and ethics, between obedience to the enforceable and obedience to the "unenforceable." Lessons from the Wild West can help us deal with dilemmas in our everyday life.

Telling Truth to Power
Being an ethical boss can be trying, but it's easy compared to being an ethical subordinate. Telling the truth to the boss is the first—and often the hardest—responsibility of an ethical subordinate.

The Impartial Public Servant
Impartial judgment is part of the deal for public servants, but everybody has biases. Here are some ways to minimize the impact of your biases on decision making.

Ethics for Bosses
Rank hath its privilege, they say, but what privileges should the boss exercise? Here’s how an ethical boss should look at it.

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