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Bob and his partner, Mick Ukleja, just finished a new book,The Ethics Challenge: Strengthening Your Integrity in a Greedy World.  Read more about it by clicking the link above.
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The Ethics Challenge:
Strengthening Your Integrity in a Greedy World

By Bob Stone and Mick Ukleja

We’ve just completed this breezy, story-filled guide to becoming a more ethical person and to leading a more ethical organization. We’re now looking for an agent and a publisher.
The book has four parts:

Part 1, “The Ethics Challenge,” first describes the basic ethical dilemma: why doesn’t our behavior match our ethical intelligence and intentions? It then lays out the basis for individuals’ values systems, and explains why ethical behavior is a winning strategy.

Part 2, “Ethics at Work,” shows how to recognize and deal with the ethical content in the myriad of issues we face in our work and in our relationships in general.

Part 3, “Ethics around Us,” analyzes the ethical issues we see practiced (and malpracticed) every day in the world around us: politics, sports, business, the media, religion, and education. For each sector it helps point the way an ethical person can deal with the issues.

Part 4, “Strengthening Your Integrity in a Greedy World.” which wraps the book up with  practical lessons.  It describes six things everyone can do to keep strong and prepared to follow their good intentions in the face of ethical challenges they meet everywhere.

There are two audiences for this book: leaders who want to strengthen the ethical climate of their organizations and educational institutions that teach ethics.

We know that leaders we have worked with are seriously working to strengthen the ethical behavior in their organizations; We’re confident that CEOs and top executives will order large quantities for use and study throughout their organizations.

We also have strong relationships in the academic world. We both participate in ethics education at California State University, Long Beach, where Mick co-founded the Ukleja Center for Ethical Leadership. CSU(LB) is the 25th largest university in the Nation and 2nd largest in the state of California, with 35,000 students. In addition Bob teaches business ethics at the University of Redlands. We’re confident that this book will be used as a basic text or a supplemental text for ethics-related courses in various Colleges of Business Administration, Liberal Arts, and perhaps others.

There are lots of books on ethics that are hard to read, theoretical in nature, and not easy to apply. This book is an easy read, filled with stories of the authors’ good and bad experiences as they tried to lead an ever-more-ethical life. We’ve bought lots of books on the subject, but never found one as accessible and useful as this one.

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